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Q: What do you mean by straight sides?
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Which shape has 0 sides?

A point. Other shapes may not have straight sides but that does not mean that they do not have sides.

Does a parallelogram have straight sides?

yes..if by straight you mean they have no curvature. just double checking.

What do quadrilateral mean?

It means a plane shape formed by four straight sides.

What is a quadrilateral mean in maths?

It means four sides, and refers to plane figures bounded by four straight sides.

Are the sides of a triangle curved or straight?

A triangle has to have straight sides

Does a equilateral triangle have straight sides?

All triangles have straight sides.

Does a octagon have a at least one right side?

I have no idea what you mean with "right side". If you mean "straight side", it is normally implied that in a polygon, such as an octagon, ALL sides are straight.

This shape has no straight sides It is symmetrical?

yes it can be a circle has no straight sides, but is symmetrical

What is a closed that has straight sides?

Polygons have 3 or more closed straight sides

How many number of straight sides does pyramid have?

A pyramid has 4 straIGHT SIDES

What deas polaygon mean?

A polygon is a closed shape with straight sides. Examples include triangles, rectangles, and pentagons. They are characterized by the number of sides they have.

A shape with fewer than four straight sides?

OK, SO a shape with fewer than four straight sides is a triangle, which has three (3) straight sides. Hope this helps! LOOPDOP says: A circle is a shape. And it has no straight sides..... isn't that "fewer"?