Which shape has 0 sides?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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A point. Other shapes may not have straight sides but that does not mean that they do not have sides.

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Q: Which shape has 0 sides?
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How many sides does an oblong shape have?

It does not have any sides it's shape of an ovalAN OBLONG SHAPE IS NOT A OVAL

What 2d shape has 0 sides?

a line

What shape has 0 equal sides?

it begins with A

What is a shape called with 0 equal sides?

a circle

What shape has 1 side?

A shape cannot have only one side because it would not be closed. A shape must have at least three sides to be a closed figure (no "gaps")

which shape has 4 equal sides 2 pairs of parallel sides and 0 right angles?


What shape has 1 pairs of parallel sides 4 right angles and 0 pairs of congruent sides?


How many parallel pairs does a shape with 25 sides have in 2d?

It can have anywhere between 0 and 12 pairs of parallel sides.

How do you define a semi circle?

The semi circle is a shape which has 1 line of symmetry 1straight side 0 equal length sides 0 parallel sides 2 vertices 0 diagnals

What shape has 0 sides?

No shape, its impossible for a shape to have 0 sides because even a line has 1 side.

What do you call a 0 sided shape?

It's probably a circle, because some people view it as a 0 sided figure, but some people view it as a 1 sided figure.

How many pairs of parallel sides do a pentagon and a hexagon have?

a pentagon has 5 sides total, and no parallel sides. A hexagon has 6 sides, so it has 3 parallel sides. any shape with an odd number of equal sides has 0 parallel sides, no matter how many sides it has. every shape with an even number of equal sides will have the # of sides divided by 2 (#/2) of parallel sides.