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B-1 equals 1/B (1 over B).

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2014-06-26 10:54:40
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Q: What does B to the power of -1 equal?
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Why everything to power of zero is equal to one?

x to the power a divided by x to the power b is x to the power (a - b) When a and b are equal then this is x to the power a divided by x to the power a, ie 1. x to the power (a - a) = x to the power zero. Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other, so 1 = x to the power zero.

What does 10 to the negative 1 equal?

10-1 = 1/10 A number raised to a negative power is equal to the reciprocal of the number raised to the power. So a-b = (1/a)b = 1/ab

What does B to the 4Th power equal?

B4 or B*B*B*B

What is 9 M B in B?

1 megabyte is equal to 1048576 bytes. This is equal to 220, or 2 to the power 20. Therefore, 9 megabytes are equal to 1048576 x 9 = 9,437,184 bytes.

Does 8 to the power of 8 equal 1?

8 to the power of 8 = 8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8 and does not equal 1 but 1 to the power of 8 does equal 1

Why exponent 0 is equal to 1 to this problem 1x2 exponent 0 is equals 1?

x to the power a divided by x to the power b = x to the power (a - b), ie xa/xb = xa-b. When a = b, xa/xb = 1 and a - b = 0 so xa-b = x0. Rearranging gives x0 = 1. This is true for ALL non-zero values of x.

Are division and subtraction commutative and associative?

No.Neither are commutative: a - b does not equal b - a, and a/b does not equal b/a.Neither is associative: (a - b) - c does not equal a - (b - c), and (a/b)/c does not equal a/(b/c).Examples of these are:4 - 2 does not equal 2 - 4.1/3 does not equal 3/1.(6 - 5) - 1 does not equal 6 - (5 - 1).(10/2)/2 does not equal 10/(2/2).

What does 1 to the 5th power equal?

1 raised to any power is always equal to 1.

If 2401 equals b to the power of four what does b equal?

b = 7 (74 = 2,401)

What is B to the power minus 1 x B?

(B^-1)B = 1 B^(-1xB) = 1/(B^B)

Why is 10 to the power zero equal to 1?

Anything to the power zero is equal to 1 by definition.

Why does any number raise to the zero power equal one?

Because (K)B/(K)A = K(B-A) and any number divided by itself = 1 .

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