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Q: What does a horizontal face mean in maths?
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What does horizontal mean in maths terms?

it is across, like the horizon.

What does a parallel face mean in maths?

it is basically a face that is parallel

What does a perpendicular face mean in maths?

The word perpendicular mean 2 lines that intersect each other in such a way that the angle between them is 90 degress...=consider the letter ' L ' the vertical line is perpendicular to the horizontal line. because it is making an angle of 90 degree..=

What is a face value in maths?

A face value in maths is the out-side of the shape, as to say the face of a shape. The face value is the sides of a shape.

What does the word improper mean maths edition?

This would have to do with fractions, so it would mean that when the whole #'s would be added with the numerator. Example: 14:7 (horizontal fraction, left to right).....

What is the face value of 264 in maths?

It is 264.

What does it mean by machines may be efficient but they do not have a human face?

As an example; A machine can calculate maths faster than any human, but is does not have a personality .

What may face if there are no standard units?

Maths and Arithmetic

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

The word satisfaction in a sentence?

There was a look of satisfaction on his face as he finished his maths exam.

What does 4x8 mean?

Its maths

What does decimal mean in maths?