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Igual>>> ALGEBRA

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Q: What does algebra mean in English?
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What does the word Algebra mean in English?

If your in English Class it Means that you should be in your Algebra Class.

Is algebra needed for an English degree?

Assuming you mean a B.A. in English, the answer would be most likely, yes. In order to graduate from college, schools require some level of math to be completed - and it is usually beyond algebra (most likely calculus or at least up to algebra 2).

What does is mean in algebra?

In Algebra, "is" means Equal (=).

What are the greek word of algebra?

The English word(algebra) is exactly the same in greek(άλγεβρα).In greeklish it's the same (algebra).

What does and mean in algebra?

"And" in algebra usually means addition.

What is a sentence for smatter?

That isn't an English word. I think you mean smattering, which is a slight, superficial knowledge of a subject. I have a smattering of algebra.

What does algebra 1A mean?

It usually refers to an introductory algebra class.

What does difference mean in algebra?

It mean to Subtract (-)

About Justin Biebers in his study?

He loves English and algebra

What is a definition for aldebra?

"Aldebra" is not a word in English. You may mean 'algebra' which is a branch of mathematics dealing with more abstract formal structures, such as sets and groups,

What does D mean in algebra?

D can mean anything, it's only substituting a number that you have to find out. That's how you do basic algebra

From what language or society did algebra come from?

The English word "algebra" is derived from an Arabic phrase usually transliterated as "al-jebra".