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Q: What does each value in the ordered pair (20 140) mean?
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In a mapping how many ordered pairs are there for every arrow?


What does the absolute value of an ordered pair represent?

An ordered pair has two values. You need to define the absolute value of an ordered pair before the question can be answered. There are many possible metrics.

What happens to the x-value of the ordered pair when the ordered pair is reflected over the x-value?

If the reflection is over the x value, the x-value does not change.

Switching of coordinates in each ordered pair?

The INVERSE of any relation is obtained by switching the coordinates in each ordered pair.

What is the second value in an ordered pair?


What value of y would make the ordered pair a solution of the equation 4x and minus 2y 24 Given the ordered pair (3 y)?

Given the ordered pair (3, y), what value of ywould make the ordered pair a solution of the equation 4x − 2y = 24?12

How do you know when an ordered pair could not be in a function?

Evaluate the function at the first number in the pair. If the answer is not equal to the second value, then the ordered pair cannot be in the function.

What is the first value in an ordered pair?

The x coordinate.

What is each number in ordered pair called?

a patteren

How is an ordered pair related to the coordinates on a graph?

The ordered pair IS the coordinates on the graph. If you have the ordered pair (1,2) that means the value of x is 1 and the value of y is 2, so to get to that point on a graph from the origin (center) you would move right 1 unit and up 2 units.

What does it mean both algebraically and graphically when an ordered pair is a solution to a system of two linear equations?

If an ordered pair is a solution to a system of linear equations, then algebraically it returns the same values when substituted appropriately into the x and y variables in each equation. For a very basic example: (0,0) satisfies the linear system of equations given by y=x and y=-2x By substituting in x=0 into both equations, the following is obtained: y=(0) and y=-2(0)=0 x=0 returns y=0 for both equations, which satisfies the ordered pair (0,0). This means that if an ordered pair is a solution to a system of equations, the x of that ordered pair returns the same y for all equations in the system. Graphically, this means that all equations in the system intersect at that point. This makes sense because an x value returns the same y value at that ordered pair, meaning all equations would have the same value at the x-coordinate of the ordered pair. The ordered pair specifies an intersection point of the equations.

What is the ordered pair for the equation y equals 5x-8?