What does exponents look like?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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the 2 is the exponent

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Q: What does exponents look like?
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How does the prime factorization chart for 800 look like?

Prime factors in exponents: 25*52 = 800

What would exponents of 147 look like in a factor tree?

147 49,3 7,7,3 3 x 7^2

Can you factor out exponents?

You sure can, here is an example I made up to show you: x4+x2= x2(x2+x) When you factor it out it should look like this because if you multiply it back up (where the exponents will multiply not add) it will equal the primary equation.

How do you subtract like variables with different exponents?

You can't. You can only subtract like terms. Like terms must have exactly the same variables and exponents on the variables.

How do you evaluate exponents?

You evaluate in exponenets by writting out the exponents like 6*6*6 = you have to find the product of your problem.

When multiplying number do you add the exponents?

If you are multiplying powers of the same base (like 24 times 211), yes, you add the exponents.

What is a term whose variables and exponents are the same?

These terms are called like terms.For example: x and 2x are like terms.But: x3 and 4x2 are not like termsbecause although the variables are the same, the exponents are different.

If two exponents have the same factor or base what happens to the exponents when the exponents are multipled?

The exponents are added.

When adding numbers with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

you do not do anything when you add numbers with exponents. you just figure out the answer. it is only if you multiply numbers with exponents, where you add the exponents..

What do exponents look like?

An exponent is when a little number is to the right and a bit above a number. It's also called a "power." Here are a couple examples of what it means: 52,91,68, and so onn.

What are terms that include the same variables and their corresponding exponents?

like terms

What is terms with the same variables raised to the same exponents?

like terms