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Q: What does grade 3 mean on a colposcopy?
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Who performs a colposcopy?

Colposcopy is performed by a gynecologist.

How long to wait before sex after a colposcopy?

There is no set time period after haveing a colposcopy. when you are ready, go for it

What ia the difference between colpopexy and colposcopy?

Colpopexy is surgical repair of the vagina. Colposcopy is visualization of the cervix and vagina.

What is the global period for a colposcopy?

The global period for a colposcopy is typically 10 days. This means that any related services provided within 10 days of the procedure are considered part of the initial colposcopy and are not separately billable.

What happens if you use a tampon 3 days after a colposcopy?

If you use a tampon three days after a colposcopy with biopsies, you could disturb the clot on the biopsy sites and they could start bleeding. Take out the tampon and just use pads for a couple of weeks.

What does grade 3 mean for bolts?

well yes it simpal

What are the chances you can get pregnant after a colposcopy?

The chances of getting pregnant after a colposcopy are not affected by the procedure itself. However, it's important to avoid intercourse for a few days after the colposcopy to allow the cervix to heal. If you have concerns or specific medical questions, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider.

What does the medical abbreviation ECC mean?

ECC stands for endocervical curettage. During a colposcopy, ECC is typically taken as a biopsy of the endocervical canal.

Where is a Colposcopy done?

This is a procedure that can be done in the doctor's office

Which is correct Grade 3 or grade 3 when talking about school?

grade 3

Is a colposcopy considered routine after pap smear finds degree of inflammation?

A colposcopy is not a normal test after a single finding of inflammation on a pap smear. Repeated results with inflammation may require colposcopy, as well as many other combinations of findings. Talk with your health care provider for information about your results.

Can pregnant women have a colposcopy?

Women who are pregnant, or who suspect that they are pregnant, must tell their doctor before the procedure begins. Pregnant women can, and should, have a colposcopy if they have an abnormal Pap test.