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Non-negative means either zero or positive.

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Q: What does it mean for a value to be a non negative?
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Is a absolute value of a number always non-negative?

Yes, absolute value is a number that is a whole number and it is non-negative.

Is absolute value of any number positive?

No. The absolute value is non-negative but, to be pedantic, that does not mean positive. The absolute value of 0 is 0 which is NOT positive.

Can a absolute value have two negative answers?

No, an absolute value must be non-negative.

Are there negative absolute numbers?

NO, absolute value is always non-negative.

Is value the same as absolute-value in algebra?

No. That is only true for non-negative numbers. The value of a negative number, such as -3 , is negative 3. But its absolute value is 3.

How do you interpret a negative z- score?

A negative z-score indicates that the observed value (or statistic) was below the mean. In non-directional tests, a negative z-score is just as likely as a positive one.

What does a negative z-score mean?

z-score of a value=(that value minus the mean)/(standard deviation). So if a value has a negative z-score, then it is below the mean.

What does it mean for a value to be non-negative?

It means that the number is zero or more, just not less than zero. "Positive" means more than zero. "Non-negative" means either zero or else more than zero.

Absolute value is always?

Absolute value is always positive. * * * * * The pedantic answer is "non-negative".

What does a negative z value mean?

Negative z value means that the raw dat is below the mean, if z value is positive it means that the raw data is above the mean.

What does non-negative mean in math?

non-negative would be any number that is greater than or equal to zero.

Can standard deviation value be less than 01?

Yes, it can have any non-negative value.