What does a negative z value mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Negative z value means that the raw dat is below the mean, if z value is positive it means that the raw data is above the mean.

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Q: What does a negative z value mean?
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What does a negative z-score mean?

z-score of a value=(that value minus the mean)/(standard deviation). So if a value has a negative z-score, then it is below the mean.

What is the meaning of a negative z score?

A negative z score is a value that is less than the mean value.

What is the z value corresponding to a number below the mean is?

The z value corresponding to a number below the mean is Negative.

Is it true any score with value less than the population mean will have a negative z-score?

Yes. If a score is below the mean, the z score will be negative.

The z value corresponding to a number below the mean is always negative?


How do you interpret a negative z- score?

A negative z-score indicates that the observed value (or statistic) was below the mean. In non-directional tests, a negative z-score is just as likely as a positive one.

How do you determine if the critical z value of a standard normal distribution is positive or negative?

Use the context: if the variable should be greater than the mean then z is positive and if less than the mean, it should be negative.

A student's grade on the exam was transformed to a z-value which is negative Therefore we know he scored?

Below the mean

Does a negative z score yield a negative probability value?

no, z score can be negative but a probability is a always positive between 0 and 1.

Given that z is a standard normal random variable a negative value of z indicates that?

Nothing particular, since z is symmetric about zero. Half the time z is negative.

How can we assess differences in quality or performance by simply comparing z values under a standard normal curve?

z value looks at standard deviations away from the mean. if its tests scores, a higher positive z value means they are higher away from the mean in a positive direction the opposite is true for a negative z score.

What is the absolute value of the difference of z and 8?

|z - 8| or whichever of (z - 8) and (8 - z) that is non-negative.