What does negative indicate?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does negative indicate?
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What does a negative Benedicts test indicate?

A negative Benedict's test would indicate that there isn't any presence of reducing sugars in that particular substance.

What does en indicate on a welding rod?

The letters EN , on a welding electrode , indicate "electrode negative" , that is the electrode is to be used with a DC current , in the negative position, or polarity.

What does a negative decibel reading indicate?

figure it out youself

What does a negative net worth indicate?

That you are insolvent or bankrupt.

What negative correlation indicate?

the negative sign on correlation just means that the slope of the Least Squares Regression Line is negative.

When are is close to -1 does it indicate a strong negative correlation?


What does a negative value for the standard potential indicate?

the negative value for a standard potential indicates that the reaction is not spontaneous.

What does the negative sign on the value of an enthalpy of formation indicate?

A negative enthalpy of formation indicates that energy is evolved.

What does a negative delta mean?

When tracking the difference of two values over time, what would a negative delta indicate?

Do negative coefficients in a regression usually indicate weak predictors?


What is the suffix used to indicate a negative ion?

The suffix used to indicate a negative ion is "-ide". It is added to the end of the name of the element when it gains electrons to become negatively charged.

Is mis negative prefix?

Yes, "mis-" is a negative prefix in English. It is often used to indicate a negative or opposite meaning, such as in words like "misunderstand" or "misguided."