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The outcome is the dependent variable in science experiments.

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Q: What does outcome variable mean?
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What is a outcome variable?

a outcome variable is a dependent variable

What is the outcome variabe?

a outcome variable is a dependent variable

What is outcome variable?

i dont know thats why i asked u

Nominal definition for an outcome variable?

single sentence description of the most important outcome variable

Is the mean of a random variable the theoretical average of a probability experiment and is not a possible outcome?


How do the test variables (independent variables) and outcome variables (dependent variables) in an experiment compare?

The test variable (independent variable) controls the outcome variable (dependent variable).

Is outcome in statistics the total amount?

No. The outcome is the event that happens in a trial. Given any variable of interest, the outcome is the value which that variable takes in a trial.

Is responding variable the same as dependent variable?

There is in fact a difference. Depending Variable: Varies on the outcome of the Responding Variable. Responding Variable: Varies on the outcome of both itself and the Depending Variable. Math keeps us goin'!

What does an independent variable do in an experiment?

It can, but need not, affect the outcome of the experiment variable.

What is the outcome variable in an experiment?

This is the variable which changes as a result of what you change in the experiment. If you change the height from which you drop a ball, you may observe the height to which it bounces. The height of the bounce is the outcome variable.

What is the Dependent Variable in an experiment?

A dependent variable is the factor, or outcome, that will be measured in an experiment.

What is an factor that affects the outcome of an experiment?


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