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Probability is an abstract concept and so does not have any particular appearance.

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Q: What does probability look like?
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What is the probability that a stock in the S?

It is equivalent to the probability that you look for it in a dictionary!

What is the probability of producing tall plants with purple flowers?

the tall plants will turn purple. it may be cool or look like pooh

What is the formula for probability fraction?

Usually, a fraction is already a probability. Like if you roll a die, the probability that you will get a 1 is 1/6. So your probability would be your fraction.

How will probability help me in life?

Probability is everywhere! If you are entering a raffle, wouldn't you like to know what the probability of you winning is? Or perhaps the lottery? If you need to pick a certain color marble out of a bag of marbles to win a prize, wouldn't you like to know the probability of picking the winning color? Probability is everywhere and can help you in life.

How do you analyze rainfall datas by probability distribution method?

look at the weather

How do you solve probability with a mean?

You cannot solve probability since it is not a question! It is like asking how you can solve history!

What are circles and hearts in math?

They are shapes, like on flashcards. If you see it, it was for fun. Or it may have been for a probability question, like the probability of picking a heart or circle.

How do you make charzard shiny?

you cant the probability of getting a shiny charzard is 1 in 8291 or something like that just look for a game shark or action replay code

How can you use probability to predict traits?

Doctors look at the parents traits, and make a square diagram. (Look on google for square)

How do you do probability as a fraction?

Its easy you just either go to school or you look it up online.

What is the probability that an oil spill will occur?

the probability depends on who's steering the ship and who are checking it. the captain should steer away from any obstacles like iceburgs and glaciers. the people who are checking should look out for any holes in the ship that could accidentaly cause oil to spill out.

The likelihood that an event will occur like tossing a coin?


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