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A numerical expression is a combination of numbers and mathematical operators, but nt including an equality or equality sign.

For example, min(2,3,4) + 3*sin(pi/2)/[sqrt(7) - 3.5*7.21.5] where min is the operator that return the minimum value of its arguments.

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Q: What does the math term numerical expression mean?
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What does ascending mean in math term?

Numerical order, least to greatest.

What does the term expression mean in math?

it means to break it down

What is numeric expression?

A numerical expression in math terms has numbers and operations like for an example 1. 4+9 2. (8-2)+5

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

Is 5x a numerical expression?

It is 1 term of an algebraic expression in the form of 5x

What is the term for a combination of numbers and operations?

A numerical expression.

Is 4d an algebraic expression or numerical?

An algebraic expression. 4 = the constant and coefficient term. d = the variable term.

What is the numerical factor of a variable term of an algebraic expression?


What is the math term greater?

The math term greater means bigger in numerical size or larger in order of the numbers.

Value of an expression?

math term value

What does the term numerical mean?

"Numerical" means "related to numbers".

What is the meaning of numerical coefficient?

in mathematics, numerical coefficient refers to the constant multiplicative factors attached to the variables in an expression are known as Numerical Coefficient. It differs from Literal Coefficient.The Numerical Coefficient is always written in front of the variable as shown in the expression given below: , where are numerical coefficients.Numerical Coefficient is more frequently referred as Coefficient.the numerical coefficient for the term 10x4 is 10.The numerical coefficients for the expression 3x2 + x + 1 are 3, 1, and 1.