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4,607.203 = (4 x 1000) + (6 x 100) + (0 x 10) + (7 x 1) + (2/10) + (0/100) + (3/1000).

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Q: What does the number 4607.203 look like in expanded form?
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What is expanded forme?

an expanded form is any number that is expandedexample:original form: 3650expanded form:3000 + 600 + 50Expanded form is when you have a number like 650,080 you would do 600,000+50,000+80 that's what expanded form is

What is the difference between value form and expanded form?

Expanded form is the Number stretched out like this Example: 8,947 8,00o+900+40+7 Value form is the number itself Example:8,947 8,947

What is a expanded form?

An expanded form is like 145,624 divided into like 100,000+40,000+5,000+600+20+4 and that is how you do expanded form

Expanded form definition?

The definition of Expanded form is a way of breaking up a number to show how much each digit in the number represents. In a way this is like pulling apart a number and expressing it as a sum of the value of each digit.

What does expanded form mean?

Expanded form shows a number expanded into an addition statement. e.g. 235 = 200 + 30 + 5 e.g. 4.97 = 4 + 0.9 + 0.07 Also when you have a square it will look like Example: 3X1+3X9=30

Is 6v-21 a expanded or a factored form?


How do you find expanded numerals?

It is like expanded form just a different word for it. Like the expanded numeral of 23,400 20,000 + 3,000+ 400

Difference between standard form and expanded form?

A number in standard form is just the same way you are always used to seeing it. Like for example: 256. To write that same number using expanded notation, you have to think of the place values of each of the digits. The number is the sum of those values. 256 = (2 x 100) + (5 x 10) + (6 x 1). That's 256 in expanded notation.

Is standard form and expanded form the same?

No it is not. Standard form is when you just have a number like 200. Expanded form is when you spell out the word like two hundred.

how to right 791 in expanded form?

i think i have to right 791 in expanded form like this 700 90 1 but i don know tell me if it is or not.

Can you show me how to write it in expanded form?

If you had a number like 465 it would be shown like400 + 60 + 5

How do you do expanded form?

You blow up the number like this 157.8608 100+50+7+0.8+0.06+0.0008 and you can't blow up zero.