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Expanded form.

In factorized form it should be like this: 3 (2v - 7)

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Q: Is 6v-21 a expanded or a factored form?
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If you are given a quadratic relationship in factored form how can you find an equivalent expression in expanded form?

you have to use F.O.I.L method to simplify it.

How do you convert standard form to factored form?

You can convert standard form to factored form by using a factoring tree to convert to the long-form factored format. You can also work backwards to convert from factored to standard form.

How do you know if a polynomial is in factored form?

You can't know if a general polynomial is in factored form.

What is 3y-6y in factored form?

3y-6y in factored form = -3

What is completely factored form?

A completely factored form is one which is composed of product of factors and can't be factorized further. Let us consider two examples: x2 - 4x + 4 is not a factored form because it can be factored as (x - 2)(x - 2). (x +1)(x2 - 4x + 4) is also not a factored form because x2 - 4x + 4 can be factored further as (x - 2)(x - 2). So, the completely factored form is (x + 1)(x - 2)(x - 2).

What is a number written as the sum of the values of its digits called?

The correct answer is "expanded form".

What is 2a plus 2b in factored form?

2(a+b) is 2a plus 2b in factored form.

What is the expanded form of 218003?

218003 is the expanded form.

What is the factored form of 4y 10?

If you mean 4y+10 then it is 2(2y+5) when factored

How do you convert factored form to standard form?

You multiply the factors.

What is a factored form of a line equation?

when it is in its most reduced form.

What is a prime factor form?

The fundamental theorem of arithmetic says any integer can be factored into a unique product of primes. The is the prime factored form.