What equals 3.14159?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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it is pi rounded

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Q: What equals 3.14159?
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How do you find the radius of a circle and finds the circumference C equals 2 pi R and the area A equals PIrsquared and the area of the circle equals 314159?

Given a circle with an area of 314,159; find the radius r. The area of a circle is determined by the formula π * r2 A = πr2 Because we have a value for A, we substitute 314159 = πr2 We have to get r on one side of the equation, by itself. To do this, divide both sides by π. ( 314159 / π ) = πr2 / π Simplify ( 314159 / π ) = r2 We need r to be the only thing on it's side of the equation, so we'll take the square root of both sides, and simplify. sqrt( 314159/π ) = r This answer is correct, but because we had a value for A, we can get a decimal approximation. r = sqrt ( 314159 / 3.14159 ) r = sqrt ( 100,000) r = 316.227766

What is the scientific notation for 314159?


Is 314 159 a prime number?

If you mean 314159 then it is a prime number

How do you write 314159 in expanded form?

three-hundred and fourteen thousand one-hundred and fifty-nine

Is 3.14159 a rational number?

The number "3.14159" by itself is rational, since it can be written as 314159/100000. However, the number pi (which is about 3.14159) is not rational, because it continues endlessly.

What is 3.14159 as a fraction?

3.14159 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 314159/100000 which cannot be simplified.

What is V0lume in liters of cylinder 10 meters long by 20 cm diameter?

Volume = (Area of base) * Heightv= (.1m2 *pi) * 10mv=.314159 m3 *1000L/(1m3)v=314.15 Liters

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