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It was Pythagoras

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Q: What famous greek mathematician contributed a great deal to trigonometry?
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Greek who contributed great deal of trigonometry?

Joseph Greenhowe

Is Leonardo da Vinci a great mathematician?

Yes. Leonardo da Vinci is a famous mathematician.

Who are the 5 mathematicians of geometry?

gurman singh is the famous and great mathematician of geometry

What is bernhard riemann famous for?

He was famous for his contribution in mathematics he was a great man he died young but is still an amazing mathematician

Mathematician who invented trigonometry?

my great great great great great great grandfather invented trigonometry when he was in india. He was farming and decided he did'nt want to do anything labour intensive so he went to school and invented it. his name was Sonny Gill just joking his name was sukwheep shamwinder still... just joking I don't know who it was. I like to drink water

A great greek mathematician and inventor the principal of buoyancy was his most famous discovery?


The great mathematician of the world?

Euclid is the great mathematician of all...

How did ancient people checked the height of the pyramids?

Thales of Miletos is the ancient Greek philosopher/ mathematician who first calculated the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the use of trigonometry and similar and right triangles.

Is Alexander the Great a mathematician?

yes he is he became a mathematician in 1779

Who is Shakuntala Devi- a mathematician?

She is a very great Mathematician in India

How did Omar khayyam get famous?

Omer Khayyam was a great poet and a prominent mathematician of the Islamic world. Bertrand Russell remarked about him with the following. "Omer Khayyam is the only man known to me who was both a poet and a mathematician".

Why did srinivasa ramanujan become famous?

Srinivasa Ramanujan was a great mathematician. He was interested only in mathematics. He concentrate only on maths hence failed in other subjects. He was later called abroad to meet one of the great mathematicians who was really impressed by him. He continued practicing maths and made many new formulas which we study. Hence, he became a great mathematician, as well as famous.

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