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a right triangle

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Q: What figure does not have rotational symmetry?
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How do you tell if something has rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry if you can turn it about a figure.

What figure has rotational symmetry?

A sphere has rotational symmetry of an infinite degree.

If a figure has rotational symmetry does it have line symmetry?


Is it true that a figure with no lines of symmetry have rotational symmetry?


How many orders of symmetry does a rectangle have?

The rectangle's rotational symmetry is of order 2. A square's rotational symmetry is of order 4; the triangle has a symmetry of order 3. Rotational symmetry is the number of times a figure can be rotated and still look the same as the original figure.

What figure has rotational symmetry but not line symmetry?

A nonrectangular parallelogram has rotational symmetry, but not line symmetry. Additionally, shapes such as the letters S, N, and Z can be rotated to show rotational symmetry, although they do not have line symmetry.

Can a figure have line symmetry and not rotational symmetry?

Yes. An ellipse (oval) has two lines of symmetry, but not a rotational symmetry. A parabola has one line and no rotation.

What figure has both line symmetry and rotational symmetry?

A circle and square.

What figure has a rotational symmetry?

a circle or a sphere

What figure that does not have line or rotational symmetry?


Can a figure with two or more lines of symmetry can have rotational symmetry?

Yes. A circle has infinitely many lines of symmetry and it also has rotational symmetry of infinite order.

How do you know if a figure has rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry if it can be rotated by a certain angle (less than 360 degrees) and still looks the same. The number of times you can rotate the figure and have it look the same determines the order of rotational symmetry - a square has rotational symmetry of order 4, for example.