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Q: What happened to the shape of paper if you crumpled it?
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How do you use the word crumpled?

You can use the word crumpled to describe something that has been crushed or wrinkled into a disordered shape, often associated with paper or fabric. For example, "He crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it in the trash."

Which has more air resistance the flat paper or the crampled paper?

The crumpled paper has more air resistance because it has a larger surface area compared to the flat paper. The irregular shape of the crumpled paper causes more air to be trapped and create resistance as it moves through the air.

Will a flat sheet of paper accelerate at the same rate as a crumpled paper?

In a vacuum, both a flat sheet of paper and a crumpled paper would accelerate at the same rate due to gravity. However, air resistance may affect the acceleration of a crumpled paper more than a flat sheet due to differences in surface area and shape, causing the crumpled paper to fall slower.

Why does crumpled paper fall faster than straight paper?

Crumpled paper falls faster than straight paper due to its increased aerodynamic drag caused by its irregular shape. The turbulent airflow around the crumpled paper creates more resistance, resulting in a faster descent compared to the smoother, more streamlined straight paper.

Is the force of gravity stronger on a crumpled piece of paper than on an identical piece of paper which has not been crumpled?

No, the force of gravity is the same for both the crumpled and non-crumpled pieces of paper. Gravity acts on all objects the same way, regardless of their shape or condition. The only factor that affects the force of gravity is the mass of the object.

Is it true or false when a crumpled piece of paper falls to the ground more quickly than a flat piece of paper becauseof gravity?

False. Both a crumpled piece of paper and a flat piece of paper fall at the same rate due to gravity acting on them. The shape of the paper does not affect the rate at which it falls.

Why does a crampled piece of paper fall faster than a uncrampled paper?

A crumpled piece of paper falls faster than an uncrumpled paper due to its shape. The crumpled paper has more air resistance, meaning it will accelerate faster towards the ground compared to the flat paper. The crumpled paper falls in a more streamlined and compact manner, reducing air resistance and allowing it to fall faster.

How does the crumpled sheet of paper fall to the ground faster?

A crumpled sheet of paper falls faster because of its irregular shape, creating more air resistance compared to a flat sheet. The increased air resistance causes the crumpled sheet to fall faster as it experiences a greater downward force due to gravity.

How do you use crumpled in a sentence?

She found a crumpled piece of paper in her pocket.

What happen to the paper when you crumpled it?

When you crumple a piece of paper, the fibers in the paper are disrupted and the paper loses its original shape. This makes it more difficult to unfold the paper neatly and it will often have permanent creases or wrinkles.

What i did to change the shape of the material foil paper?

A Foil paper change size and shape when it's burn

Why will a sheet of paper sink slowly than a cruplred paper?

A sheet of paper sinks more slowly than a crumpled paper because the crumpled paper contains more air pockets, providing buoyancy. As a result, the crumpled paper has a lower overall density than the flat sheet of paper, causing it to sink more slowly.