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It cannot be part of the array.

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Q: What happens if a subscript value is negative or higher than the number of elements in an array?
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How are elements that form positive ions grouped in the periodic table relative to elements that form negative ions?

The lower the the Atomic Number, the higher the Ionic Energy.

If the smaller the vibrating element what happens to the pitch?

If the vibrating element is smaller, the pitch of the sound produced will be higher. This is because smaller vibrating elements have a higher frequency of vibration, resulting in a higher pitch sound.

What happens to an atom when it loses an electon?

they jump to a higher energy level

What happens when you divide number by a number between0and1?

Dividing by a number (between 0 and 1) will result in a higher magnitude number than the original. If the number was positive, then it will be a bigger number, if the number was negative, the answer will be 'more negative'

Negative PLUS a positive equals?

It is a negative if the negative number has the higher absolute value and positive if the positive number has the higher absolute value.

Can the gravitational potential energy of an object be negative?

Yes, the gravitational potential energy of an object can be negative. This typically happens when the reference point for measuring potential energy is chosen to be at a higher level than the object's current position.

What are two numbers that are higher than negative 1 and two numbers that are lower than negative 1?

2 numbers that are higher are 2 and three higher is -2 and -3

Why are the ionic radii of the negative ions larger than their corresponding atomic radii?

The negative ions have gained electrons, which increases the electron-electron repulsion and causes the electron cloud to expand slightly. This leads to a larger ionic radius compared to the atomic radius of the same element.

What are elements after unranium?

Those with higher atomic number are called transuranic elements

What number is bigger a lower negative number or a higher negative number?

The question depends on what lower and higher mean. The number that is the smaller of two when you ignore the negative signs, becomes the bigger of the two when you put negative signs before them.

What are superscripts and subscripts?

Think of superscript, super in it is like superman and superman flies. So it always goes up. Then subscript, think of the word sub in it like a submarine which goes down underneath the water so the writing will always go down.Superscript = Letters go up.Subscript = Letters go down.

What does it mean when elements are on the right of the periodic table of elements?

Elements on the right side of the periodic table tend to have properties such as being nonmetals, having higher electronegativity, and being smaller in atomic size. They also typically have a higher number of valence electrons and tend to form negative ions.