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There would be no seasons.

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Q: What happens if earths axis were vertical?
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What would happen if The Earths axis was horizontal rather than vertical.?

we would only have one season

What happens if the curvature along the horizontal axis of the cornea is less than the curvature along the vertical axis?


Is a vertical like on the Y axis or the X axis?

The vertical axis is the y-axis. The horizontal axis is the x-axis.

Is the y-axis vertical or horizontal?

The y axis is vertical and the x axis is horizontal.

Is the X axis on the horizontal or vertical axis?

The x axis is the horizontal axis. The y axis is the vertical axis.

Is earths axis at 90 degrees?

Basically no! If you were to take an axis of 0 degrees to be completely vertical (in reference to the Earths orbital plane) then the Earths actual axis is 23.44 degrees (hence we have summer and winter) although this does vary over a 42 thousand year period between 22.1 degrees and 24.5 degrees.

What is the horizontal axis and vertical axis on a graph called?

horizontal:x vertical: y

What is the definition of vertical axis?

The vertical axis is a reference axis usually denoted as y-axis in Cartesian co-ordinate system. It can be said that a vertical axis is the axis perpendicular to a reference horizontal surface.

The vertical axis of a chart is called what?

The vertical axis of a graph/chart is the y axis, making the horizontal the x axis.

What happens when the south of the earths axis is tilted toward the sun?

it is winter in the northern hemishpere

What happens to the earths axis as it revolves around the sun?

It basically maintains its direction in space.

What axis is the y axis?

A synonym for the y-axis is the vertical axis. In math, a graph has a vertical and a horizontal axis. Another name for the horizontal axis is the x -axis.

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