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Critical Mach Number has nothing (directly) to do with altitude.

Mach Number has everything to do Temperature,

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Q: What happens to Critical Mach number with altitude?
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What is Lower critical mach number?

Lower critical mach number may be defined as the highest subsonic mach number below which the entire flow over it is subsonic. vijayaprakaash

What is critical mach number?

Critical Mach Number, or Mcr, refers to the lowest Mach number that air going over and around an aircraft can reach the speed of sound. If an airplane goes over its Mcr, handling might be greatly affected.

How fast is Mach 0.85?

Mach number is dependent on a number of factors. Factors such as air density or altitude will change the Mach number. At approximatively 45 000 ft Mach 0.85 =289.2361 m/s = 1041.25 km/h = 647.0028 mph

What is the minimum altitude at which mach number can be calculated?

It can be calculated at any altitude - including negative ones - eg under water.

How fast is mach 3.3?

Mach 3.3 is about 2,512 mph depending on altitude.

Will the speed of an aeroplane be same which is flying at different altitudes and have same mach number 2?

no mach no is defined as ratio of local speed of aeroplane to speed of sound. As the altitude increases the True speed of aeroplane increases and speed of sound decreases because of reduction of ambient temperature Hence the value of their ratio should increase at an increasing rate with increase in altitude. Keeping the Mach No constant say, 2 means reduction of speed to a large extent so as to maintain constant Mach No. Therefore same Mach no the aeroplane at higher altitude is flying slower

What is low speed mach buffet?

Low speed mach buffet is a term used in aviation to describe the buffet or vibration that occurs on an aircraft as it approaches the critical mach number at low speeds. The critical mach number is the speed at which the airflow over the wings reaches the speed of sound, causing a shock wave to form and disrupt the airflow over the wings. When an aircraft approaches the critical mach number at low speeds, such as during takeoff or landing, it may experience buffet or vibrations as the airflow becomes turbulent and begins to separate from the wings. This can cause a decrease in lift and an increase in drag, making it more difficult for the aircraft to maintain control. Pilots are trained to recognize and respond to low speed mach buffet by adjusting their speed and angle of attack to prevent the aircraft from entering an aerodynamic stall. By understanding the effects of low speed mach buffet and how to mitigate them, pilots can safely operate aircraft at low speeds without compromising performance or safety.

The ratio of speed of a body to the speed of sound is called?

the Mach number

What is the principal advantage of a sweepback design wing over a straight wing design?

The critical Mach number will increase significantly

How fast is a F16?

More than Mach 2 at its premium altitude.

What is the equivalent of 1 mach speed to kilometers per hour?

It depends on altitude and humidity Mach I is about 1,225 kilometers per hour.

How many mph is 0.85 mach?

That all depends on the altitude the mach speed is occurring at. Mach 1 is defined as the speed of sound which is a function of fluid density. In air at sea level and normal temperature, 0.85 mach = ~647 mph 0.85mach ~.(0.85*330)mph