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Q: What happens to the graph when the function is multiplied by a number between 0 and 1?
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What happens to a number when it is multiplied by 10?

it become and even number

What happens when a fraction is multiplied by its reciprocal?

When any number is multiplied by its reciprocal, the product is ' 1 '.

What happens to the cube of a no if the nos multiplied by 4?

If you multiplied a number by 4, then the cube of the number would be increased by a factor of 16.

What happens to the inequality when it is multiplied by a negative number?

The inequality is "flipped" when multiplied by a negative number. For example, if x > y and a is a negative number, then ax < ay.

What happens to a mixed number when it is multiplied by a fraction?

The answer depends on the fraction.

What happens to the perimeter and the area of a rectangle if the length and the width are multiplied by the same number Use diagrams to explain?

If the length and width of a rectangle are multiplied by the same number, then . . . -- the perimeter is multiplied by the same number -- the area is multiplied by the square of the numbner

What happens when you multiply any number by 0?

Any number multiplied by zero = 0

What happens to a whole number when multiplied by a fraction smaller than one?

It decreases.

What happens to a whole number when multiplied by a fraction greater 1?

It increases the value.

What is conjugate function?

If you have a complex function in the form "a+ib", the (complex) conjugate is "a-ib". "Conjugate" is usually a function that the original function must be multiplied by to achieve a real number.

What is the difference between base number and the exponent?

In their simplest forms, a base number is the number that is being multiplied by itself while the exponent is the number of times that the base is multiplied.

What happens when you move the decimal point 3 places to the right?

The number is multiplied by 1000.