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Q: What integer is greater negative 4 or negative 7?
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What are the negative integer greater than -8?

-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 and -7 are all greater than -8

Can any negative integer be greater than a positive integer?

Some sources say that the answer is no because a negative integer is less than zero and a positive integer is greater that zero. This answer is partially incorrect because if a negative integer is in an absolute value problem, it can potentially be greater that a positive integer. Example: |-11| > 7 because |-11|=11 because it is in an absolute value problem. Simplified, the problem is 11 > 7 So yes, in some cases a negative integer is greater that a positive integer.

Why is the sum of a positive and negative integer a nagetive integer?

It's not always. 7 + (-3) = 4

How do you determine if the sum of two integers with different signs is positive or negative?

The sum will retain the sign of whichever integer has the higher absolute value. Since 7 is greater than 4, -7 + 4 = -3 7 + -4 = 3

What is the greater prime integer between 4 and 9?


When you subtract one integer from another integer will your answer be greater than or less than the integer you started with explain your reasoning and give an example?

It can be greater than, equal or less than the original integer. There are three possible values for the second integer: It is positive, in which case the result will be less than the original integer, eg 5 - 2 = 3 and 3 < 5;It is zero, in which case the result will be the same as the original integer, eg 5 - 0 = 5 and 5 = 5;It is negative, in which case the result will be greater than the original integer, eg 5 - -2 = 7 and 7 > 5.

What are the odd negative integer that are greater than -8?

In order of greatness they are: -1 -3 -5 and -7

An integer less than zero is what?

A negative whole number or negative integer.

What is 7 minus 3?


Is -7 is a factor of 28?

Yes, technically, since -7 x -4 = 28. We do not generally list negative factors for positive numbers. We do list negative factors for negative numbers.

Subtract Integer- what does positive 4 subtract positive 7 equal?


Which number is greater -4 or 3?

3 is the greater number.... -4 is negative - and is 7 less than 3.