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Feet are the same as linear feet.

Linear just distinguishes them clearly from square feet or cubic feet.

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Q: What is 1200 feet long wall in linear feet?
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How many linear feet in a 9x12 foot wall?

The distance around the wall is 42 linear feet.

What is a 47 linear square feet retaining wall?

It could be a wall that is 1 square foot in cross section and 47 feet long.

One brick is 8.5 inches long a wall will be 34 feet long How many bricks are needed for each row?

multiply your total linear feet by 12 inches (1 foot), divide that number by the length of the brick and there is your answer.

What is the size of the Vietnam Wall?

Each leg of the wall is 246.75 feet long.

How to figure square feet for a wall back splash 14 inches high 11 feet long 14 feet wide?

Is this a trick question? You only need three figures if you are calculating cubic feet. You have just described a "Box" not a backsplash (normally figured in linear feet).

What is the formula for figuring how many studs in a wall?

[(Linear feet x 12) / 16] + 1 is the formula.

What is the lineal foot of a wall 8 feet tall by 100 feet long?

The distance around the wall (perimeter) is 216 feet.

What is the length of the brace approximated to the nearest hundredth when the height of the wall is 10 feet and the wall is 16 feet long?

It is 18.87 feet.

An outside wall is 18 feet tall and 26 feet long what is the area of the wall?

468 ft

Berlin Wall how many miles long was the wall?

The Berlin wall was 145km long (90 miles) and 3.6m tall (11.8 feet).

How long is the western wall in feet?

1,601 ft

What is the sq ft of a wall that is 138 feet long and 1 foot high?

The area of that wall would be 138 square feet.