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It is 20000*(1.07)^60 = 1158928.54

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2014-10-13 12:40:41
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Q: What is 20000 in 30 years with 7 percent interest compounded semiannually?
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What is 20000 in 5 years with 7 percent interest compounded semiannually?

After 5 years, 20000 at 7% per annum compounded semiannually will be 20000*(1 + 0.5*7/100)2*5 = 20000*(1.035)10 = 28211.98

How much interest will 20000 earn in two years if invested at 6 percent compounded semiannually?


What is 20000 in 20 years with 7 percent interest compounded annually?

It is approx 77393.69 units of currency.

How much interest is earned for the investment for 20000 for 2 years at 6 percent compounded annually?

Total value = 20000*(1.06)2 = 22472 So interest = 2472

How much interest would i have if its .05 percent of 20000?

0.05% of 20000 = 10

How much interest will be earned if 20000 is deposited in a bank at 6 percent interest?

6 ÷ 100 × 20000 = 1200

How To calculate the interest to be deducted from the loan of 20000 which is to be paid within 2years at the rate of 10?

If the rate is 10% interest on a $20,000 loan for two years, interest will be $4,428.06 if compounded continuously. If compounded annually, it would be $4,200.

How much is interest on 20000 at 3 percent?

20000*3/100 = 600 per period.

What is the monthly payment on a loan of 20000 for 5 years at 5 percent interest?

5 percent

An annuity pays out 20000 per yer in perpetuity if the intereset rate is 5 percent compounded annually find the presenet value of the whole annuity?


How much money should be deposited today in an account that earns 6 percent compounded semi annually so that it will accumulate to 20000 in five years?


What is 18 percent of 20000?

18 percent of 20000 is 3600.

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