What is 35-a?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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It is an algebraic expression.

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Q: What is 35-a?
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What is the GCF of 35a to the second power and 85ab?

The GCF is 5a.

What is the answer of 25a exponent of 5 15a exponent of 4-35a exponent of 3-40a exponent of 3 10a divided by 5a?

The answer to the expression 25a^5 + 15a^4 - 35a^3 - 40a^3 + 10a divided by 5a is 5a^4 + 3a^3 - 7a^2 - 8a + 2.

What is the GCF of 35a and 85ab?

- If 'a' is less than '1', then '5' is the gcf. - If 'a' is more than '1', then '5a' is the gcf.

5a 7 equals -23 what equals a?

(5a).7 = -23 7(5a) = -23 35a = -23 a = -23/35 a= -0.657 (3 d.p.)

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