What is 3x 3y?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: What is 3x 3y?
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What is the answer to 3x plus 3y?

There is not an answer but you can factor it.3x+3y=3(x+y)

Which expression is equivalent to 3x-3y?


Which expression is quivalent to 3x-3y?


What is the slope of 3x plus 3y equals 12?

The slope is -1. 3x+3y=12 Subtract 3x 3y=-3x+12 Divide by 3 y=-x+4

Is 2x 3x 3y is an example of addition of monomials?

2X + 3X + 3Y ???= 5X + 3Y===============yes, addition of these monomials yields that answer

What is the answer for 9X 5Y - 3X - 8Y?


What is 3x plus 2y 18 x-3y -5 using the elimination method?

Using the elimination method, 3x + (2y) times 18x - 3y - 5 gives the result of 36xy + 3x - 3y - 5.

Factor 81x to the fourth power - 81y to the fourth power?

This is like a² - b², with a = 9x² and b = 9y². This can be factored as (a - b)(a + b), then substitute for a & b: (9x² - 9y²)(9x² + 9y²), then (9x² - 9y²) can factor to (3x - 3y)(3x + 3y) so we have: (3x - 3y)(3x + 3y)(9x² + 9y²)

What is 6x - 4y -3x plus y simplified?


What is 3x plus 3y-3z?

3x + 3 (y-z)

3x plus 2y multiplied by 5x-3y equals?

(3x+2y)*(5x-3y) =3x*5x + 3x*(-3y) + 2y*5x + 2y*(-3y) [This is sometimes called the FOIL method - You multiply the First members of each bracket, then the Outers, Inners, Lasts] = 15x2 - 9xy + 10xy - 6y2 = 15x2 + xy - 6y2

What does 14x-2y plus 7x-3y plus -3x equal to?

(14x-2y)+(7x-3y)+(-3x) = 14x-2y+7x-3y-3x =(14+7-3)x-(2+3)y =18x-5y