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As a ratio it would be 20:1

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2012-12-31 21:23:13
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Q: What is 620 over 31 equal when you put it as a ratio?
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What is this ratio 0.3 yd over 3 yd written in simplest form?

if it is a ratio you do not put it in simplest form but here is the answer anyways 1/10.

Maths questions on ratio and how to solve them?

You can't answer a ratio but you can put numbers in ratio form like the numbers 5 and 2. This is how you put those numbers in ratio form,5:2, 5 to 2, or 5 over 2. The reason you put the 5 in front of the 2 is because, the the question asked 5 and 2 not 2 and 5.

Can a fraction be put into a ratio without changing it's form?

A fraction is a ratio... even when you don't change its form. 1/2 is "one half/ one over two/ one to two ratio"

what is the ratio of 5 to 120?

1 to 24 is equal to 5 to 20 because 1 x 5 equals 5 and 24 x 5 equals 120. So if you put 5 over 120 it equals to 5/120.

How do you find the fraction of a ratio?

just put the the bottom number over the top number example : 5/8 = (8,5)

How many calories in donnar kebab?

About 620, depending on what you put on it. Don't forget to include sauces, etc.

What is your cell phone number?

614-620-3096 (keep this number when answer is changed, put area code)

What is an efficiency ratio?

The efficiency ratio for a machine usually refers to the ratio of the useful energy available from a machine and the energy put into it.

What is the ratio of work put out of a machine to the work put in is its?

It is the efficiency of the machine.

How do you change a percent into a ratio?

Put the percent over 100 to make a fraction. Then simplify the fraction and you have the ratio. ex.) 1. 50% 2. 50/100 (thats the fraction 50 over 100) 3. 1/2 (I divided both the numerator and denominator both by 50) 4. 1:2 (thats your ratio)

How many cups do equal?

put the same amount to put it equal

What is the math conversion of percentages to ratios?

You put the percent over 100 and that's your ratio. For example, 7 percent is 7/100 as a ratio. But sometimes you might wanna simplify if it's a even number. Example, 50 percent can be written as 50/100 as a ratio but it can also be weitten as 1/2.

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