What is 9y2 X Y2?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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If Y = y, then it is 9y4 or 9Y4. If Y is not the same as y, then you can't simplify it any.

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Q: What is 9y2 X Y2?
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A right triangle has one legthe that is 3 times as long as the other legthe. length of the hypotenuse is 40 inches .find the lengths of the legs?

x = 3y and x2 + y2 = 1600 9y2 + y2 = 1600 10y2 =1600 y2 =160 y = 12.65 in so x = 37.95 in, to the nearest hundredth of an inch

What is the standard equation for the hyperbola 4x2-9y2-8x plus 54y equals 113?

4x2-8x-9y2+54x=113(4x2-8x ) + (-9y2+54y ) =1134(x2-2x+1) -9(y2-6y+9) =113+4-81 because of distribution4(x-1)2 - 9(y-3)2 = 36Divide by 36(x-1)2 - (y-3)2 =19 4

Factor 9x2 - 18xy 9y2?

We are missing an important sign (+/-) I shall assume 9x2 - 18xy + 9y2 9(x-y)(x-y)

What is y to the 8th power as an product in four different was with only positive exponents?

y6 x y2 y4 x y4 y2 x y2 x y4 y2 x y2 x y2 x y2

What is the greatest common factor of 45 y3 and 18 y2?

The GCF is 9y^2.

How do you solve (x y2)(x-y2)?


Is this a function x equals y2?

Yes, as x-y2=0

How do you factor completely x3 27y3?

(x + 3y)(x2 - 3xy + 9y2)

What is 3y times 3y?


What is the answer to (x plus y)2 x2 plus y2?

X2+y2=25 (x-8)2+y2 =41

Factor a perfect square?

To factor a perfect square, it should be in the form a2+2ab+b2 For example: 9x2+18xy+9y2 First factor out the 9: 9(x2+2xy+y2) Make a2+2ab+b2 into (a+b)2 : 9(x+y)2

Convert x2 plus y2 equals 2x?

What do you want to convert it to? x2 + y2 = 2x If you want to solve for y: x2 + y2 = 2x ∴ y2 = 2x - x2 ∴ y = (2x - x2)1/2 If you want to solve for x: x2 + y2 = 2x ∴ x2 - 2x = -y2 ∴ x2 - 2x + 1 = 1 - y2 ∴ (x - 1)2 = 1 - y2 ∴ x - 1 = ±(1 - y2)1/2 ∴ x = 1 ± (1 - y2)1/2