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Q: What is a 3 dimensional geometric figure whose cross section is constant in planes drawn perpendicular to its axis called?
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What is the cross section of a circle?

The cross section of a circle is a circle. A circle is defined as a plane figure (i.e. 2 dimensional object) with a constant radius in both dimensions. Since a cross section is, by definition 2 dimensional, a circle's cross section is the circle itself.

Which two-dimensional figure could be a cross section of a rectangular pyramid that has been intersected by a plane perpendicular to its base and not through its vertex?


What is the definition of a cross section?

A cross section is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object that is obtained by cutting or slicing the object perpendicular to a specified axis. It provides a view of the internal structure or composition of the object.

What is a solid oval called?

A solid oval is called an ellipsoid. It is a three-dimensional shape that resembles a stretched circle. It has an oval cross-section in all planes perpendicular to its main axis.

What dimensional shapes have circular faces?

Not sure what the question means, unless it is meant to refer to 3-dimensional shapes. If so, some answers are: a cylinder, a cone, a section of a sphere, an ellipsoid with two equal axes intersected by a plane defined by those axes, a symmetric paraboloid intersected by a plane perpendicular to its axis of symmetry, a torus (doughnut) intersected by a plane perpendicular to its "main" radius.

What is the perpendicular cross section of a rectangular prism?

It is a rectangle.

What does cross-section mean?

When a 3-dimensional (solid) object is cut by a plane, the 2-dimensional shape made where the solid object and the plane meet is the cross section.

The intersection of a three-dimensional figure and a plane?

Cross Section

What is the crosssection perpendicular to the base of a triangle?

A triangle does not have a cross-section but the perpendicular line of a right angle triangle meets the base at 90 degrees.

If you slice a cylinder perpendicular to the base what will be the shape of the cross section?

It will be a rectangle

What is the intersection of a three dimensional figure and a plane?

cross section

How do you calculate section modulus of a T section?

This is a technique used by civil and mechanical engineers to calculate the cross section of a geometric figure. It is used to determine the Yield Moment also called My.