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A benchmark is a number used to estimate something. One number or multiple numbers can be used as benchmarks in a mathematical equation.

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Q: What is a benchmark used for in mathematics?
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How do you use benchmark in a sentence?

You just used the word "benchmark" in that sentence..O.o

Value that can be used as a reference point?


What does benchmark mean in mathematics?

A benchmark is number, a few numbers of a list of numbers used to estimate something. For example, you want to know what 29 divided by 6 is. You know that 6 x 5 = 30, so 29 divided by 6 is a little less than 5 and will go out to a decimal number. Benchmarks can be one number or multiple numbers.

what is a reference point that is used for estimating fractions?

benchmark fractions

What word means a familiar used as a point of reference?

The word you are looking for is "benchmark." A benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which things can be compared or assessed.

What is whetstone benchmark in computer architecture?

what is benchmark and what's the main purpose of benchmark?

Is four seventh a benchmark fraction?

No, four sevenths is not a benchmark fraction beacause benchmark fractions are used to estimate and they are easy to picture in your mind. 4 out of seven is not a very good estimate for something and it is not easy to picture in your head. Right?

In the problem solving process what are the standards used in analysis called?


What is A nice number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?


What is a reference number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?


A familiar number used as a point of reference is called a?

benchmark number

What does it mean for a fraction to be close to a benchmark?

By Benchmark it means what is closer for example the benchmark of 24% is 25%.