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A glide refletion is a glide that has reflection.

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Q: What is a glide reflection?
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Is it a glide-reflection rotation reflection or translation?

A glide reflection is where you reflect the shape and translate it. A glide rotation is where you rotate a shape and translate it. A glide translation doesn't exist.

An animal makes a footprint shown as a glide reflection. Which footprint is a glide reflection?


Which of the following statements is not true about glide reflections?

a glide reflection is a composition of a rotation and reflection

Which of these is an example of a glide reflection?


Explain why a glide reflection is an isometry?

Because the glide reflection is a combination of two isometries, it is also an isometry.

What is glide reflection symmetry?

my foot

What is glide symmetry?

A glide reflection is a combination of translation along some line and reflection in the line. Human footprints are a good example. Glide symmetry is another way to refer to it.

Translation followed by a reflection in a line parallel to the translation vector?

Glide reflection

Which of the following is not invariant under a glide reflection?

A. Glide reflection b. Orientation of points c. Parallelism of lines d. Areas of polygons

What are glide reflection and rotational transformations?

A glide reflection is a combination of a reflection in a line and a translation along that line. This can be done in either order. A rotational transformation is a rotation around a fixed point or axis.

The composition of a translation and a reflection across a line parallel to the direction of translation?

Glide Reflection

What types of symmetry create tessellations in a plane?

rotation, reflection, translation, glide reflection

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