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It is zero at the origin, positive above and negative below. Otherwise it can be numbered to any scale.

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Q: What is a numbering scale for a vertical axis?
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What is the a vertical scale?

What is the scale vertical axis

Is the X axis on the horizontal or vertical axis?

The x axis is the horizontal axis. The y axis is the vertical axis.

Where is the scale of a vertical bar graph written?

The scale of a vertical bar graph is written on the vertical axis.

What is the scale of a vertical bar graph written on?

The vertical axis!

Why is a scale on the vertical axis needed?


What is a vertical axis scale?

If you're talking about a graph then here's your answer... There are to axis's the x axis (horizontal) and the y axis (vertical). So your talking about the vertical scale so since a graph is shaped like an L the vertical part would contain the scale (numbers along the side) so that you can read a bar graph easier

Does it matter if you put the scale on the horizontal or vertical axis?


What is the interval on a vertical axis?

a scale with diffrent numbers

Why semi log paper is named so?

One axis (usually the vertical axis) is on a log scale, the other is a linear scale.

What has numbers that help you read a bar graph?

A scale on the vertical axis.

What is Plotted on the vertical or y axis?

the thing that you are measuring is usually plotted on the Y axis . the X axis is usually time scale

What does a steep line on a line graph represent?

It represents the fact that a small change in the variable which is plotted on the horizontal axis with the given scale, is associated with a large change in the variable potted on the vertical axis with its scale.Note that the steepness can be changed by simply increasing the scale factor on the horizontal axis or decreasing it on the vertical axis.