What is a sine in mathematics?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A function that depends on the value of an angle. One way to define it is with a unit circle (a circle with center in the coordinate origin, and radius of 1). To the right is zero, from there, a positive angle is counterclockwise. In this case, the sine is simply the y-coordinate, and the cosine is the x-coordinate of the point on the circle where the ray of the angle crosses the circle. The value of the sine (and cosine) obviously depends on the angle - that's why it is considered a "function".

Sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, cosecans, and secans can also be defined via right triangles; for more details see here:

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Q: What is a sine in mathematics?
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In Mathematics what is meant by the Fourier series?

The Fourier series is a specific type of infinite mathematical series involving trigonometric functions that are used in applied mathematics. It makes use of the relationships of the sine and cosine functions.

Has the sinus node something to do with the sine function in maths?

No, the sinus node in the heart is a group of cells that generate electrical impulses to control heart rhythm. It is not related to the sine function in mathematics, which is a trigonometric function used to represent oscillatory motion.

What is the sine of 810?

sine 810 = sine 90 = 1

How is Mathematics the language of physics?

well, most of the theories in physics are supported and represented by mathematical formulas to describe a particular thing. like signals, waveforms are represented by sine curves and equations.

If two integers have the same sign what is the sine of their sum?

Sine(A+ B) = Sine(A)*Cosine(B) + Cosine(A)*Sine(B).

What is the value of sine 3.3?

Sine 3.3 degrees is about 0.057564. Sine 3.3 radians is about -0.157746. Sine 3.3 grads is about 0.051813.

What is sine infinity?

Sine does not converge but oscillates. As a result sine does not tend to a limit as its argument tends to infinity. So sine(infinity) is not defined.

How trigonometry relate to the information technology?

Trigonometry is a mathematical tool that is part of various other forms of mathematics and is used in all sorts of science and engineering; for example, the sine function in trigonometry turns out to be applicable to sine waves that are formed by alternating electrical currents which are used to power your computer which is the basic tool that you use in information technology.

What is the sine of 0?

The sine of 0 is 0.

What is the meaning of sine dine?

sine dine

What is the sine 153?

Sine 153 = 0.806400581

What is the sine of 45?

sine 45 = 0.850903525