What is a sketch a graph?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Sketching a graph is drawing an approximation of the graph. The shape of the graph must be correct including the correct number of intercepts with the axes and any asymptotes. You are usually expected to label these.

However, you are not required to ensure that the scales on the axes are accurate or other points on the graph are accurately marked.

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A sketch of a graph is an sketch of how the graph looks. It is not exact just an estimate.

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Q: What is a sketch a graph?
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How you sketch a graph with a calculator?

hit the y= button, then type in the equation, then hit the graph button, then sketch what you see on the screen

How do you sketch a graph with no solution?

you dont...

Sketch a graph with a slope of 0?

It is a horizontal line.

How to sketch the grap of the function y -2x 2-4x-6?

The best way to sketch a graph of the function y -2x 2-4x-6 is to first get the values of Y and X and then use the values to sketch the graph.

What was the name of a pantograph sold in the 60's?

Sketch A Graph

Draw sketch and write the function of dumper winding and retaining ring?

i need to know how to function rule and a sketch of a graph

What are synonyms for diagram?

plan, figure, drawing, chart, representation, sketch, graph

What is a one-third page sketch?

A sketch is a hand drawn diagram, graph or chart. The 1/3 refers to the size it needs to be. So your sketch has to fill one third of a page (usually of a4).

Sketch a distance time graph as when a body is at rest and when a body is moving with constant speed?

about a hour

Where are is the revenue in dollars and p is the selling price in how would you sketch a graph of R1500p-50sqrd?


How can i graph c -4 2 and slope 3 2?

You can graph X -4 2 and slope 3 2 by first finding the values of X and Y and then using those values to sketch your graph.

How do you to sketch a graph of a function whose domain is in the closed interval 0-4 and whose range is the set of two numbers 2 and 3?

Find the domain of the relation then draw the graph.