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It's a polyhedron.

A polyhedron (plural: polyhedra) is a three - dimensional figure made up of sides called faces, each face being a polygon.

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Q: What is a solid that is bounded by polygons which are called faces?
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What is a solid that is bounded by polygons called faces that enclose a single region of space?

It is called a polyhedron.

What is solid that bounded by polygon?

A solid cannot be bounded by one polygon. A solid bounded by polygons is called a polyhedron.

Can a polygon be a solid?

No. A polygon is a plane area bounded by straight lines. The key term in this context is "plane". It is, therefore, 2 -dimensional shape. A solid, which is bounded by faces that are polygons, is called a polyhedron (plural = polyhedra).

Why is a pyramid a polyhedron?

A pyramid, as well as any other solid figure bounded by plane polygons or faces, is a polyhedron.

Why is a cone not called a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a solid object bounded by polygons. Polygons are plane shapes [bounded by straight lines]. The curved surface of a cone is not a polygon and so the cone is not bounded by polygons and therefore, a cone is not a polyhedron.

What polygons make up a solid is called?

They are called faces of the polyhedron.

Polygons that make up a solid are called?

They are faces the polyhedron.

How many faces has a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a generic term to describe a closed 3-dimensional (solid) shape that is bounded by polygons. It can have 4 or more faces - any number.

Are pyramids polygons cylinders or prisms polyhendrons?

A polygon is a plane (2-dimensional) object bounded by straight lines. A polyhedron (not polyhendron!) is a solid (3-dimensional) object bounded by polygonal faces. So, pyramids and some prisms are polyhedra. A cylinder is a type of prism but, because two of its faces are circular, those faces are not polygons. As a result a cylinder is not a polyhedron.

Why cant you use regular polygons as the faces of a platonic solid?

The faces of Platonic solids are regular polygons...

What is a solid figure with faces that are polygons?

A polyhedron.

Solid figure with flat faces that are polygons?

A polyhedron

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