What is a spherical face?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is a spherical face?
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You are a 3d shape you have 1 face and no edges no corners what shape are you?


How many faces edges and vertice sphere have?

It has one spherical face and no vertices or edges

What kind of face does the moon have?

The moon does not have a face. The appearance of a face on the moon is a result of pareidolia, which is the tendency for humans to perceive familiar patterns, such as faces, in random stimuli.

Which shape has one curved face and two flat faces?

A truncated coneA truncated cylinderA spherical sector

How many syllable in spherical?


Does a broken piece of a spherical mirror works as another spherical mirror?

Yes, spherical mirror is the part of a spherical reflecting surface.when it is broken the broken piece is also the part of the spherical reflecting surface.

A spherical or nearly spherical bacterium?


How does this demonstrate that earth is spherical?

WHAT demonstrates that the Earth is spherical?!

Are human eyes spherical or oval in shape?

They are not spherical

How do you use spherical in a sentence?

The spherical shape of the crystal caught the light beautifully.

When was Spherical Worlds created?

Spherical Worlds was created in 1996.

When did Spherical Worlds happen?

Spherical Worlds happened in 1996.