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They are known as like terms.

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Q: What is a term with the same variables raised to the same exponents?
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What is the sum of the exponents of the variables of a monomial is the of the monomial?

The degree of a term is the sum of the exponents on the variables.

What is a term whose variables and exponents are the same?

These terms are called like terms.For example: x and 2x are like terms.But: x3 and 4x2 are not like termsbecause although the variables are the same, the exponents are different.

What is The sum of the exponents on the variables in a term?

Degree of a Polynomial

What the sum of the exponents of the variables?

That means that you are supposed to add them.Multiplying the same variable raised to different powers is equivalent to adding the exponents. For example, 10^5 x 10^3 = 10^(5+3) = 10^8. (Using "^" for powers.)

What is the definition of dissimilar term in algebra?

dissimilar terms are terms that do not have the same variable or the variable do not contain the same number of exponents

What is A number or a product of numbers and variables with whole-number exponents or a polynomial with one term?


What does math term madspm stand for?

Multiply-Add Divide-Subtract Power-MultiplyIt's the rule for exponents.If the bases are the same and they're...- multiplied; add the exponents. 22(23) = 25- divided; subtract the exponents (36/34) = 32- raised to a power; multiply the exponents (42)4 = 48

Is 6 a polynomial?

Yes 6 is a polynomial, according to the Hawks Learning System.**a more detailed explanation**"A polynomial is defined as a term or a finite sum of terms, with only positive or zero integer exponents permitted on the variables" (Lial, Hornsby, Schneider; 2005)and "The product of a real number and one or more variables raised to powers is called a term" (Lial, Hornsby, Schneider; 2005)So since any variable raised to the zero power is 1, then 6x^0 is the same as 6x1, which equals 6.So yes, 6 is considered a polynomial.

What is like term?

Are term whose variables are the same

Can monomials have negative exponents?

Monomials can have negative exponents, if the term for the exponent is not a variable, but if it is a variable with a negative exponent, the whole expression will not be classified. This is so because the definition of a monomial states that, a monomial can be a product of a number and one or more variables with positive integer exponents. I hope that answered your question!

What is the term that contain the same variables to the same power?

They are "like" terms.

A linear term has degree?

For a term with one variable, the degree is the variable's exponent. With more than one variable, the degree is the sum of the exponents of the variables. This means a linear term has degree 1 and a constant has degree 0.