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Q: What is an equation that has the variables x and y called?
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What is y equals 14-x?

It is a linear equation in the variables x and y.

What is y equals -3x plus 3?

It is a linear equation in 2 variables, x and y. It cannot be solved for either x nor y without another, independent equation.

When an equation has two variables there is a number of values that the two variables could have?

If an equation has two variables, we'll call them (x,y), the variables can be any value as long as both sides of the equation have the same result. If the equation was x = y, then the variables could be (1,1), (2,2), (3,3),etc...

What is the equation for rate?

Given two variables, X and Y, the rate of X relative to Y is X/Y.

What is y equals 3x - x - 2?


What is y equals 1x plus 6?

It is a linear equation in the two variables x and y. A single linear equation in two variables cannot be solved for a unique pair of values of x and y. The equation is that of a straight line and any point on the line satisfies the equation.

What are examples variables in a equation?

Y = 2X Variables are X and Y If X = 2, then Y = 4 If X = 3, then Y = 6 and so forth. If you vary one then he other changes. Their values are variable.

How do you find no of solutions of an equation in three variables?

x, y ,z

The graph of the linear equation in two variables?


How many solution does a linear equation in two variables have?

Infinitely many. Assuming the variables are "x" and "y" , for every value of "x" a value for "y" can be calculated.

What is direct variation equation?

y = kx, where k is a constant, and x and y are the two variables.

What is y equal -3x-2?