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4x+3y=20 / 2x-3y=4 ..... In this case x=4 and y=4/3

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Q: What is an example of a system of that can be solved using elimination without multiplication equations?
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Can I and how would I solve 5x 6y-23 and 2x-5y13 (system of equations) without using a calculator?

Without any equality signs and not knowing some of the minus or plus values of the given terms we can't considered it to be a system of simultaneous equations but if you meant: 5x+6y = -23 and 2x-5y = 13 then by multiplication, elimination and substitution the values of x and y work out as x = -1 and y = -3

How do you work out the point of intersection without a graph?

You use algebra and solve the system(s) of equations using techniques such as elimination or substitution.

4x-5y2 12x8 plus 15y solve by elimination?

Without any equality signs the given terms can't be considered as simultaneous equations and so therefore no solutions are possible.

Calculate the simultaneous equation 3y2x plus 25x6 plus 2y using elimination method?

Without any equality signs the given terms can't be considered to be simultaneous equations.

Multiple by 7 without using multiplication?

You can't. Multiple is how you do multiplication

How do you balance equations without having to do it manually?

Automatically. What type of equations.

What are the pros and cons of using the substitution or elimination method in equations?

A pro for solving equations through graphing can allow one to visualize problems which can allow one to make better sense to the problem. However, fractions, and decimals can be very difficult to plot accurately. Furthermore, solutions could fall outside of the boundaries of a graph making them impossible to see with a graph. A pro for solving equations through either the methods of substitution and elimination allow one to achieve an exact answer regardless of fraction, decimal, or integer. However, by using these methods one will have a more difficult time with visualization without the use of a graph.

Why does mathematics are important to LIFE?

Mathematics are important to LIFE because without mathematics how can you know the important things such as addition subtraction fraction multiplication division decimals ratios geometry percent area measuring and many other equations without mathematics??? that's why mathematics is important to our life...

How do you solve linear equations with bracets?

You simplify the brackets first and then you will have linear equations without brackets!

IF you need to solve large systems with more than three variables which method is more efficient and why?

For systems with more than three equations, Gaussian elimination is far more efficient. By using Gaussian elimination we bring the augmented matrix into row-echelon form without continuing all the way to the reduced row-echelon form. When this is done, the corresponding system can be solved by the back-substitution technique.

Multiplication without using multiplication or addition or subtraction or division?

You can reduce multiplication to repeated additions. You could also replace the resulting additions by repeated incrementing. For example, to calculate 20 + 13, continue counting 13 numbers from 20. But that would be extremely boring and inefficient. Better if you just learn to do it the way they teach in school.

How meany times can 60 go in 33 with out going over and it Multiplication?

how meany can 60 go in 33 without going over for Multiplication. i'm still learning how to Multiplication