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Perimeter = length + length + width + width

Let "w" = width, then "7w" must equal the length (because it's 7 times the width)

7w + 7w + w + w = perimeter

16w = perimeter

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Q: What is an expression for the perimeter of a rectangle that has a length which is seven times its width?
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What is the perimeter of a heptagon?

A heptagon is a shape that has seven sides of equal length. The perimeter of a heptagon can be found by multiplying the length of one side by seven. * * * * * No! The perimeter is the sum of the lengths of the seven sides. There is absolutely no requirement for the seven sides to be of equal length!

What is the perimeter of 7?

If the width is seven on both sides and the length is seven on both sides then the perimeter is 7+7+7+7 = 28.

If seven 9 inch squares are placed end to end to form a rectangle. What is the distance around the rectangle they form?

Seven 9 inch squares placed end to end would form a rectangle that was still 9 inches wide but 7 x 9 = 63 inches long. The distance around such a rectangle would measure its perimeter. Two sides are 9 inches long and two sides are 63 inches long. The perimeter would be 63 + 63 + 9 + 9 = 144 inches.

How do you find the perimeter of a heptagon?

You add the lengths of all the sides. If the sides happen to be of equal length, you multiply this length by 7.

Square abcd has five isosceles right triangles a dark square and a striped parallelogram line bc is 12 radical 2 the seven pieces were rearranged to form rectangle qrst what is the perimeter of qrst?

you need to see a picture of how the rectangle was rearranged

What would be the dimensions for seven square acres?

A square with an area of seven acres has the following dimensions:Each side is 552.2 feet longThe perimeter length is 2,209 feetThe diagonal length is 780.9 feetThe total area is 304,920 square feet

If there is heptagon and the the perimeter is 12.9 What is the length of each side?

Each side can have any length in the range (0, 12.9) units. The only restriction is that the sum of the seven sides must be 12.9 units.

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The perimeter of a triangle is 57 the first side is twice the length of the second side the third side is seven more than the second side what is the length of each side?

the perimeter of a triangle is 86 inches. the largest side is four inches less than twice the smallest side. the third side is 10 inches longer than the smallest side. what is the length of each side?

What is the perimeter of a rectangle that is 7 meters by 8 meters?

Think about it. The rectangle has four sides, two of which are seven meters, two of which are eight. You would simply do 7X2, or fourteen, and add that to 8X2, or sixteen, so you would get 30. By the way, stop using wiki-answers for your homework and do the math yourself.Anyways, hope this helped :D

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