What is concomitant variance?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What is concomitant variance?
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What is Concomitant?

Concomitant is an adjective meaning "naturally associated with."

Which of these is a word meaning accompanying concompant concomitant concompliant?


How can you use the word 'concomitant' in a sentence?

Earthquakes are often concomitant with tsunami.

What is the OED definition of concomitant?

The Oxford English Dictionary has two definitions of the word concomitant. As an adjective, concomitant means going together or accompanying. As a noun, it is defined as an accompaniment or a companion.

What does concomitantly mean?

What is concomitant

What is concomitant illness?

A concomitant illness is one that is occurring while another illness is occurring. For instance, if a person is struggling to control diabetes and then develops an ear infection, the ear infection is said to be a concomitant illness.

A sentence with concomitant with context clues?

Undergoing chemotherapy can result in various side effects, including concomitant hair loss.

What difference between a favorable variance and an unfavorable variance?

Favourable variance is that variance which is good for business while unfavourable variance is bad for business

What is the difference between negative price variance and volume variance?

Negative price variance is when the cost is less than budgeted. Volume variance is a variance in the volume produce.

What are the variances in a 4 variance analysis?

efficiency variance, spending variance, production volume variance, variable and fixed components

What factors causes Budget Variance?

There are 7 variances associated with a budget ( which are generally calculated for controlling purposes) 1- Material Price variance 2- Material Quantity variance 3- Labor rate variance 4- Labor efficiency variance 5- Spending variance 6- Efficiency variance 7- Capacity variance

How do you do concomitant medication WHODD coding?

physical therapy