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Q: What is four and one fifth as a percentage?
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What is four fifth in percentage?

the answer to your question is 80%

What is the percent to four fifth?

4/5 as a percentage is 80%

What is the percentage one-fifth?

the percentage of one-fifth = 20%1/5 * 100% = 100%/5 = 20%

Is one fifth bigger than four twentieths?

Both are same as four twentieth is nothing but one fifth.

What is 6 and four fifth subtract by 3 and one fourth?

6 and four fifth subtract by 3 and one fourth = 3

How much is one fifth worth as a decimal and percentage?

as a decimal 0.2 as a percentage 20%

What is one fith as a percentage?

Assuming you mean fifth. 20%

What is one fifth times 4?

Four fifths.

What is one fifth of four hundred and thirty?


How many tenths are there in one and four fifth?


What is four fifth minus one tenth?


Is four twenty-fifths equivalent to one fifth?