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0.12323232 = 385101/3125000

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Q: What is fractional value of 0.12323232?
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What fractional value is 5 dimes out of a dollar?


What is the fractional value of 5 dimes out of a dollar?

The answer is 1/5

On the piano keyboard which is the tritone key and what is its fractional value?

Any key on the standard keyboard is a tritone up from the key 6 half steps below, or down from the key 6 half steps above it. The basic fractional value is 7/5, but this represents 'just intonation', and in equal temperament the fractional value is not followed exactly.

What is true about pi?

It's a never-ending decimal. The fractional value is 22/7 - but the decimal value is unending.

How do you spell an eith?

The fractional value (1/8) is written "an eighth" (one eighth).

What is the value of 1 in the number 1.639?

The numeral 1 has a value of 1. As opposed to the other numerals in this problem, which have fractional decimal values.

What is the Value of an 1810 25 cent paper bill?

The 25 cent paper bill you refered to is called "fractional currency". The US Government did not issue fractional currency until 1862.

Is 0.9812 is a whole number?

No. A whole number has no fractional component nor a value after the decimal point.

Can index variable in for statement take negative or fractional value?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. (in c++ at least)

What are the social and economic benefits of fractional distillation of coal?

Fractional distillation increases the value of coal and thus makes it a good business venture. The by product of this type of coal can be used in roofing, waterproofing, and paving.

Fraction value of pi?

22/7 No! It's a joke. There is no fraction value for pi. Pi is an irrational number, meaning that it cannot be represented in fractional form.

What is Fractional Currency exactly?

Fractional Currency was used during the Civil War due to the fact that many people were hoarding coins for the metal and gold, not for the monetary value. Fractional currency is small denominations that are less than the standard monetary unit. For example, paper money that is worth less than $1. Fractional currency was commonly issued during the Civil War by the government.