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intersecting lines are lines that block each other.

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Q: What is intersecting lines in geometry?
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What is the definition of intersecting in geometry?

intersecting is when the point where two lines cross

What is the symbol for intersecting lines in geometry?


If two lines are not coplanar then they are neither intersecting nor parallel?

CorrectParallel lines as well as intersecting lines must be coplanar (in Euclidean geometry not quite sure about hyperbolic geometry...).Lines in space which neither are coplanar nor intersecting are called "skew"

Types of lines used in geometry?

Line segments, perpendicular lines, and intersecting lines.

Can perpendicular lines be intersecting lines?

In Euclidean plane geometry, two lines which are perpendicular not only can but must intersect. (I believe the same is true for elliptic geometry and hyperbolic geometry.)

Can 2 non intersecting lines be parallel in 2 D?

In 2D geometry, that is the definition of parallel lines. Two non-intersecting lines are indeed parallel.

How many planes can contain intersecting lines?

I'm not entirely certain what you're asking. Any pair of intersecting lines are of necessity coplanar, (assuming Euclidean geometry) though.

What is transversal-?

Transverse Myelitis is the inflammation of the spinal cord.

Can two line segments be both intersecting and parallel?

Not in Euclidean geometry, but in other geometries such lines are possible.

What do you call intersecting lines that meet?

you call intersecting lines that meet, just intersecting lines yolanda

What are the sixth grade geometry terms?

Line, line segment, point, skew lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines, that's the ones that i can think of off the top of my head

Pictures of intersecting lines?

these are intersecting lines.