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An investment carried at cost is a share or a group of shares of stock that are held by a broker for a person until they are sold. The cost of holding the investment is a fee paid to the broker for services.

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Q: What is investment carried at cost?
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A long-term investment in debt securities is carried at?


How do you Calculate a Return on an Investment?

The return on investment formula:ROI=(Gain from Investment - Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment.

Cost of investment in securities?

If investment securities are held to fruition, they are considered amortized costs. Those to be carried for less time are listed under available for sale, and filed under accumulated other income.

How to calculate a profitable real eatate investment?

A profitable in real estate investment can be calculated using the following formula: Return on investment (ROI)=(gain from investment-cost of investment)/cost of investment.

Define the statement A marketing information system is an investment not a cost?

mis is investment not a cost

How do you determine ratio of original investment?

First, you must establish the original cost of said investment. Next, establish what the cost of said investment would be at this time. Then, subtract the original cost from the current cost. Finally, divide the gain made on the investment by the original cost.

How do you calculate Return On Investment - ROI?

To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return of money or income gained) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. ROI is usually shown as a percentage. This formula can also be used to suit a number of different situations. Here is the formula for ROI: (Income from Investment - Cost of Investment) / Total Cost of Investment = ROI

Investment in previously issued stocks is carried out by means of the?

secondary market............. b

Why would a financial manager use the overall cost of capital for investment decisions?

The overall cost of capital is the cost of the opportunity to make a certain investment. A financial manager uses the overall cost of capital as a way to gauge the rate of return of one investment over another.

Investment in previously issued stocks is carried out be means of the?

my pe***lol secondary market

Why Cost center profit center investment center has its own budget?

To monitor,and make accountable, the management team for that Cost/Profit/Investment center.

What is an investment center?

An investment centre is a centre where resposibility of the organization is taken by this centre, it takes into consideration, profis, cost and also investment fund.

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