What is line matrix?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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A line matrix is a type of printer which is a compromise between a dot matrix printer and a line printer.

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Q: What is line matrix?
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What type of organization would it be called if a computer firm's project team is called together to develop a new product A committee B line C matrix D line and staff?

matrix Matrix - Confirmed

Differentiate line and dot matrix printer?

A line printer and dot matrix printer differ in how they print pages. Line printers are more commonly used with computers, while dot matrix printers function similarly to a typewriter.PrintingA line printer print pages exactly as its name implies, one line at a time. Dot matrix printers use pins arranged in a matrix that physically strike an ink ribbon between the pin and the paper to print characters.SpeedLine matrix printers can print roughly 1,200 lines per minute, or generally about 20 pages per minute. Dot matrix printers print about 40-300 characters per second, or about six to seven pager per minute, at best.QualityDot matrix printers have a lower print quality than line printers. The characters' shapes on pages printed using a dot matrix printer appear as a number of dots connected together. Line printers print solid characters and can use a wide variety of font face and sizes.

What are two types of printers?

Dot-matrix printers and Line printers.

What is matrix management?

Matrix management is the practice of managing individuals with more than one reporting line. It is commonly used to describe managing cross functional.

Which four ways can one structure an organization?

line line and staff matrix style cross functional self managed teams

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Can a dot matrix printer print out lines?

Define "LINE":A True line in this case is an unbroken Perfectly straight strip of ink on a piece of paper NOA Line seen as a Line by the Human Eye. YES

What is the difference between a Dot Matrix Printer and a Laser Printer?

Dot matrix printer is slow and impact i.e makes noise when printing whereas a laser printer is fast and is expensive as compared to a dot matrix printer.

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