What is logical chain in geometry?

Updated: 10/14/2022
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Q: What is logical chain in geometry?
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How would you describe direct proof geometry?

A logical chain of steps, supported by postulates,defentions, and theroems, to prove a statement is true. -ERA -2-

What is demonstrative geometry?

a branch of mathematics in which theorems on geometry are proved through logical reasoning

Why does logical geometry differ from physical geometry of older hard drives?

Unlike physical geometry which are the actual heads, tracks, and sectors, logical geometry is basically that information which is reported as addressable to the Bios/Os

4 What does the logical geometry sometimes differ from the physical geometry of a hard drive?

They are both life and logic theroy.

What does logical structure mean?

Logical definition, according to or agreeing with the principles of logic, a geometry ought to refrain from such a course, in order to give to its structure the largest possible logical unity.

What was the title of the book series in which the mathematician Euclid organized and applied formal logical to geometry?


Is theorems accepted without proof in a logical system in geometry?

No, theorems cannot be accepted until proven.

What is a logical chain?

A logical chain is a series of random events that at the end can be concluded into a bigger idea.If i go to the mall, then i will buy a shirtIf i buy a shirt, the i will wear it to schoolif i wear it to school, i will get compliments,therefore if i go to the mall, i will get compliments

What tools did the Greeks use in geometry construction?

Saws, chain saws,cutting tools etc.

What is a logical argument in which each statement made is supported by a statement that is accepted as true?

A Proof, 2-column proofs for geometry are common.

Which process consist of a logical chain of steps that shows that a statement must be true?


Which process consists of a logical chain of steps that shows that a statement must be true?